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In 2002, Lexington reporter Marvin Bartlett was so inspired by a little boy’s dreams of helping others that he penned The Joy Cart, a book about Jarrett Mynear and the hope and joy he gave to his community and the world.

Excerpt from The Joy Cart:

“People ask me why I started giving toys to sick children in the hospital. It’s because some adults did the same thing for me. I thought it was so nice that I wanted to do it, too. It made me feel better. It took my mind off my sickness. It kept me from feeling sorry for myself.

Adults need to set a good example and kids will take notice. Kids have good ideas but adults have to make them happen. I couldn’t have my Joy Cart if my parents didn’t encourage me and help me get the donations and make the deliveries. A lot of adults got behind it and game me money and toys. They never made me feel like it was a silly idea. They supported me.

A lot of kids aren’t as lucky as I am. They don’t get that kind of support. No one asks them what they think or seems to care.”

The Kindle e-book version of “The Joy Cart” is now available on Amazon for $5.99.

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