Special Occasions With a Purpose

What’s a better way to celebrate special occasions than to have fun while helping others? Especially children who could use some joy in their lives! Here are a few suggestions on how you can help support Jarrett’s Joy Cart at your next event:

Birthday Parties
Being a child-focused charity, birthday celebrations are the perfect opportunity to teach children the meaning of sharing and giving. Generous children from around the country have celebrated their birthdays with the Joy Cart. The idea is simple—guests bring gifts, but instead of giving them all to the birthday child, most are donated to the Joy Cart for the children we serve. This wonderful idea helps teach children about the importance of giving without sacrificing fun. Jarrett’s Joy Cart will provide materials to offer the party-goers upon request.

Baby Showers
Baby showers are another great way to solicit donations for the Joy Cart. In addition to bringing gifts for the mother-to-be, guests can bring infant toys and presents to be donated to the Joy Cart. Jarrett’s Joy Cart will provide materials to offer the party-goers upon request.

We have brides who choose to donate to Jarrett’s Joy Cart rather than spend money on favors for their reception.  Families choose a tasteful way to note their choice to help Jarrett’s Joy Cart on their special day.

Other special event suggestions include:

  • Anniversary parties
  • Company Events (dress-down days, celebrate employees or goals, etc.)
  • Family and Class reunions
  • Neighborhood Gatherings

These easy and helpful ideas are just a few of the ways you can help the Joy Cart without big commitments. For more party suggestions or to send in a proposal of your own, contact

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