About Jarrett’s Joy Cart

As a patient himself, Jarrett Mynear knew that being in a hospital could be scary at times. For this reason, he started Jarrett’s Joy Cart, a program that provides new toys to children in hospitals in hope of bringing a little joy to patients and their families.

Today, countless volunteers dedicate their time and energy to carry on Jarrett’s mission of spreading joy to those in need.

Lexington, Kentucky

Jarrett’s Joy Cart began in Lexington, Kentucky, at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, which serves children from across the state. Today, this mission is directed by his parents, Jennifer and Doug Mynear, and continues with the help of many dedicated volunteers.

This chapter provides:
  • Weekly visits and a new toy or gift for each of approximately 60 patients, ages 0–18, both inpatient and outpatient
  • “Treasure box” items for patients treated in Kentucky Clinic’s Pediatric Specialty Departments.
  • Games, books, craft supplies, toys, movies, magazines, video games for children seen in Kentucky Clinic’s Pediatric Specialty Departments
  • A yearly donation to the Indian Summer Camp’s Arts and Craft Program, for items to be used each summer during the week-long camp, which serves Kentucky’s pediatric oncology patients, both currently on and off treatment
  • The Jarrett’s Joy Cart Annual Holiday Store in December

Louisville, Kentucky

Inspired by Jarrett’s message of helping others in difficult situations, Margaret and Michael Wagner – Jarrett’s aunt and uncle – along with a host of volunteers, started their chapter at Norton Kosair Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Ward in June 2002.

This chapter provides:
  • Weekly visits and a new toy or gift for each of up to 35 patients, ages 0–18, being treated in the children’s inpatient and outpatient cancer ward
  • Funding for the purchase of special medical equipment needed in the Pediatric Oncology Ward
  • Funding for the purchase of items such as video and stereo systems, a popcorn machine and various large toys and games for the children to enjoy during their hospital stay
  • Periodic funding for educational training to allow nurses in the oncology department to care more effectively for their young patients

    Multiple Jarrett’s Joy Carts exist around the country. While every chapter shares Jarrett’s mission and message, each is a separate entity in terms of all business, financial, liability and inventory issues.

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